How Care

At the moment ( March 2018 ) we are talking to planners and councils, about how urban vacant land, and rural land, could be made available to Tiny House on Wheels occupiers, using the caretaker model.

If these discussions and seminars are successful, the next steps will be:

1)  to run at least one rural and one country trail of a  tiny house as caretaker/occupier. These trails would involve community surveys and feedback, operational reports and analysis, and council surveys, to create a data set that can be passed to other councils, and to the State & Federal Government departments concerned with housing and community services.

2 ) to form a non-profit association  to develop national plans and guidelines, such that local support groups can be established to manage and support the pool of tiny house owners prepared to be caretaker/occupiers under this model.

The next event is March 14th 2018 - MAV Offices - 60 Collins Street Melbourne 3000 - a report will be included in the newsletters.

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